So, what’s “Jesus Brunch”?

So I thought I better start off this new blog with an explanation of the name (a good example of keeping myself honest). Basically, it’s a phrase that’s been rattling around my head for a few weeks. I couldn’t think of a title I liked better, so I figured I better unpack it a bit, just this once:

Brunch is my favorite kind of meal and my favorite way to think about church. Brunch is the meal to enjoy when I’ve got lots of time, or when life is so full I need to have two meals in one. The best kind of brunch is a lazy weekend morning that goes on and on. There are lots of choices for brunch: all sizes, flavors, and languages. You can do it at home, in the street, with your friends, and with strangers. Same thing with Jesus, who was all about sharing food with friends and strangers. And church, when done the way I like church, is all about the meal: simple or fancy, loud or noisy, extravagant or spare, reverent or wild. Preferably all of the above.

So Jesus Brunch is a reminder of what matters: Jesus, and sharing food with friends and strangers, especially those who are hungry.

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