Dear Diary: Day 1 of the Wild Goose Festival

Dear Diary,

I arrived at the site of the festival around 3:30, in time to greet Matt, Jen, Katy, Brittany, and Lindsay, who all arrived together around the same time, and to go with them to Kerlin & Adin’s campsite where they unloaded and set-up. (This middle-aged priestess chose to sleep in a B&B in nearby Pittsboro.)

Shakori Hills Farm is a lovely rolling place filled with trees, shaded meadows, and cool breezes. So far, the weather has been more heavenly than deadly. (We’ll see what the weekend brings.)

The festival officially opened at 5 pm.  In the space of five hours I

  • Listened to the United Voices of Praise Choir
  • Heard the history of the festival: a group of people sitting around at Greenbelt in England several summers in a row asking: What if….? And then they did!
  • Listened to Jim Wallis and T. Bone Burnett talk about the relationship between the arts and faith activism
  • Ate fabulous organic Indian food
  • Met a whole bunch of great people, including two priests from Texas who are both doing intentional redevelopment work similar to our work at St. David’s
  • Was pleasantly surprised at the diversity of ages at the festival, ranging from 8 weeks to 80 years. Not so pleasantly not surprised by the lack of racial diversity.
  • Bought a t-shirt
  • Participated in a conversation led by Eliacin Rosario-Cruz about the Kingdom of God while Agents of Future played on the main stage.
  • Listened to Nadia Bolz-Weber talk about the changing role of authority in a post-modern church
  • Drank about 5 quarts of water
  • Saw a whole bunch of fireflies!
  • Listened to Michelle Shocked on the main stage before driving back to Pittsboro

No wonder I can’t sleep! More tomorrow….


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