about brunch

Brunch is one of my favorite meals. Brunch is the meal to enjoy when you’ve got lots of time, or when life is so full you’ve got to have two meals in one. The best kind of brunch is a lazy weekend morning that goes on and on. There are lots of choices for brunch: all sizes, flavors, and languages. You can do it at home, in the street, with your friends, or with strangers.

Here's how they do brunch at the RitzCarlton in Moscow

Brunch is my favorite way to think about Sunday morning church: when it’s done the way I like it, it’s all about the meal: simple or fancy, loud or noisy, extravagant or spare, reverent or wild. Preferably all of the above. What kind of brunch do you like? Waffles with 17 different topping choices? Any kind of eggs so long as they’re accompanied by spicy home fries? A week’s worth of fruit? Omelets, champagne, and jazz? Great coffee and a scone because you had real breakfast hours ago?

There are a lot of great places to go for brunch in Portland. Everyone has their favorites, and here are a few of mine: Pambiche, Detour Cafe, little t, and Beesaw’s. Yours?


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