about Jesus

What's your image of Jesus?

Ooooh, scary. Jesus, that is. For some people. For lots of people in my part of the world.

"Christ Pantocrator" c. 6th century

Quick: what’s the first image that comes into your mind when you hear the “J-word”? Chances are it’s the “Breck Jesus.” Jesus with the long blond hair, looking off into another world. For me, it’s different every day. Some days it’s the Che Guevara Jesus (bottom left in the picture above). Some days it’s the National Geographic Jesus. Lots of times, the image of Jesus I most readily imagine is this icon from true old-time religion, called “Christ Pantocrator.”

Most of the people I know who are put off by Jesus (and might not ever read a blog called “Jesus Brunch”–I dare you to suggest it to them!) don’t really know about the upstart guy that I try to follow, who was all about sharing food with friends and strangers, preaching about economic justice, and making food, health care, and hope available to everyone, regardless of their gender, socio-economic status, age, moral fiber, nationality, or religion.

And there are tons of great stories about Jesus and food. What’s not to like?


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